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I have repeatedly emphasized to the National Department of Health that  there is nothing pretty and fun about breast cancer, especially for women in the public health sector. There are amazing doctors and nurses in State Hospitals working hard to give the best breast cancer and/or HIV/Aids care to needy patients – with very little active support from Government and or the Companies receiving CSI points for product placement ostensibly for the advancement of breast cancer awareness, screening, treatment, etc. What measurable impact have these glossy campaigns had in containing decreasing disease prevalence?


BreastSens would like to invite you to spend a day in Soweto and meet the team at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital’s – Batho Pele Breast Unit, headed by Dr. Herbert Cubasch. Please come witness firsthand the earnestness and non-media fanfare work undertaken by the team: Dr Nadine Broeze, Sister Portia Monareng, Mma Shelter (the amazing wound dresser auxiliary nurse) and others.


Breast Cancer is NOT pink. Breast Cancer is NOT fun. Breast Cancer is NOT white slim with long blond locks. Breast Cancer does NOT wear designer Playtex lingerie (Article was republished in by the Mail + Guardian per subject line).

Ms. Kristen Tedder, or Tutu, sadly died from metastatic breast cancer  on 04/09/2012


Her final message: “Shortly before she died, she told Ashley Savage: "It's not a perfect world, but you just have to get up, sing your song, keep your helmet on and things will get better. Things will always change, remember that. Things will be good, things will be bad. I am aware that my time here may be limited but I would like the work to live on as a legacy."


We ask that Dr Motsoaledi help us say NO to this VIOLATION of women. We ask that he protect us against the use of our deadly disease for PROFIT MAKING and unethical CSI point profiteering. We WOULD LOVE to DANCE for life in Soweto Parks, community halls, CHBAH Auditorium,  free of KUMALA wine.


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