BreastSens supports NBCC breastcancerdeadline2020



NBCC advocates believe that continuing to focus on awareness and screening will not lead to ending breast cancer by 2020. To end the disease, focus must shift to the two areas we believe are not given sufficient attention and will have the most impact: learning how to prevent the disease, and learning how to prevent the spread or metastasis of the disease to other organs in the body. Both of these strategies will require innovations in the system to allow high quality scientific evaluation of new interventions in a rapid manner.


BreastSens is keenly aware of the skewed cancer control resource versus mortality disparities between Western countries and low middle income (LMI) countries. And believes that the imbalances will only be addressed through African and othe LMI countries's active participation in global disease control initiatives. The role of civil society in health reform, public policy development and debates, and medical research is critical in ensuring equitable access to evidence based healthcare to all  global citizens irrespective of their geographical location.


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